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AHK North-West Branch Office

AHK North-West Branch Office

AHK North-West Branch Office

The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of more than 900 German and Russian companies, about a hundred of which are registered in St. Petersburg. The AHK Russian office in the northern capital is located in the city center and has 20 employees. Every year, the AHK Russia holds more than 70 business and social events in St. Petersburg, notable among these is “German Week”. Meetings of the Energy Committee, the Marketing and Sales Committee, as well as working groups on personnel issues and on customs, transport and logistics are held on a regular basis.

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North-West Region

The advantageous geopolitical position of the Northwestern Federal District that borders Finland, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, attracts both Russian and foreign companies. In order to present the opportunities in the region, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce organizes delegation trips for representatives of German and Russian companies, during which meetings with the regional government and visits to key enterprises are held.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is not only the most important logistics hub and the largest Russian automotive cluster, but it also rightfully bears the title of the IT capital of Russia. More than 500 German companies conduct business in the city on the Neva. The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce helps companies run and develop their businesses, provides support in finding new business partners and developing on the Russian market, and is also in constant dialogue with government officials and public organizations.

Leningrad region

The Leningrad Region is the gateway to Russia, through which freight traffic from all over the world is distributed to the regions of the vast country. German companies, such as Siemens, Knauf, Henkel, Lorenz, actively invest in the creation of new production facilities in the region, as well as the expansion of existing ones. The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce has active dialogue with the government of the Leningrad Region, acting as a co-organizer of joint business forums and business meetings.

Kaliningrad region

The Kaliningrad region is a region of Russia in the heart of Europe, the entire territory of which is a special economic zone. The most developed industries in the region are automotive and shipbuilding, metalworking, chemical industry, and food production. Many companies with German capital successfully operate here. The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce organizes and holds meetings with representatives of ministries and regional authorities, as well as representatives of the largest enterprises in the Kaliningrad region.

Sankt Petersburg Filiale

Branch AHK Russia North-West

Gorokhovaya str., h. 16/71,
4th floor
191186 St. Petersburg
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Phone: +7 812 329 14 15
Fax: +7 (812) 331-17-23

E-Mail: petersburg(at)russland-ahk.ru